Holiday programmes

Myriad coding, robotics and digital making programmes for all kinds of learners. Various camps and workshops in .


Are you...
Excited about creating your own computer games, robots, smart wearables, magical objects (and many more)?
A creator who loves showcasing what you made?
A curious learner who loves hands-on exploration?
Then the bootcamps are for you!
Enjoy group discounts of up to 20%.

Year-End Intensive Courses

Nothing to do after exams? Learn and level up your coding skills with weekly classes between Oct - Dec . Group discounts apply.

Coding Fundamentals Intensive
(8 - 11 year-olds & 12 - 15 year-olds)
Problem Solving with Python Intensive
(11 - 15 year-olds)


Are you ready to...
Gain solid fundamentals in coding and computational thinking under the tutelage of our qualified and experienced teachers?
Experience the holistic growth process of our regular learners. Holiday passes to the comprehensive LCCL Core Curriculum include a free personal consultation with our teacher. For learners of any level.

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