Robotics & Coding Weekly Classes


 Who is this for?

8 - 11 year-olds. This programme is for (1) students with zero, or minimal experience in coding (2) students who have coding experience with block-based coding especially Scratch 2.0, and would like to explore possible extensions with mBot.


 Quick Class Details

For 8 - 11 year-olds. 
Student-teacher ratio capped at 8:1.
Laptops and robots are provided. 


 What is Robotics & Coding (RC)?

RC modules are part of the holistic Computational Thinking curriculum by LCCL Coding Academy. In RC modules, kids learn coding and computational problem solving strategies while working with robots. RC classes introduce students to the fundamentals of robotics, coding and algorithms in a fun, engaging environment. RC modules may be taken on its own, or concurrently with Game Programming. 



mBot by MakeBlock

mBot is an entry level robot. With 40 parts, it gives sufficient robot building experience to young kids. The mBot pairs with MakeBlock's mobile app for controlling and coding the bot. Learn more about mBot here.

Scratch by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scratch is a platform and graphical-based programming language that encapsulates many fundamental coding structures. In this bootcamp, Students will use mBot as an extension to Scratch proejcts. Learn more about Scratch here.


 Levels of Progression

Level I

Level I is for beginners or students with minimal or no prior experience in coding and robotics. 

What students learn in Level I:

  1. Engage in kinaesthetic experience of building the mBot robot
    The entry level robot contains 40 assembly parts that and color-labeled RJ25 ports for convenient wiring. Younger students will be guided to assemble these parts. Students learn basic electronics and mechanics of the robot. 
  2. Code the mBot using the mBlock mobile app
    Students explore mBot's pre-assembled options, including obstacle-avoidance car, line-following vehicle, remote control car. Students unsderstand how these functions work. Students then learn to code their own mBot behaviour by piecing instructions in logical order.
  3. Code integrated Scratch project with the mBot
    Students learn fundamental coding structures, and code robot behaviours using the mBot Scratch module.


Level II

Level II is a continuity program for graduates of Level I. 

What students learn in Level II:

  1. Work with different sensors 
    Students shall work with additonal sensors to create more complex robot functions. Students learn how these sensors work. 
  2. Design algorithms & code more complex robot interactions
    Students reinforce coding skills with more complex robotics challenges.
  3. Solve problems with computational Thinking
    Students learn and apply Computational Thinking strategies to robotics challenges. 



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 Minimum Requirements

Students must be familiar with and comfortable operating touch screen mobile devices and laptop i.e. able to switch the computer on/off and familiar with the keyboard.


 Laptops & Robots Provided

Just bring your creativity and experimental attitude to the bootcamp! 


 Class Size

Class size is kept to 8 students. This makes for very intimate learning with peers and ample personal attention by the teacher.



How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please e-mail your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us via other means

What's the refund policy?

All registrations are non-refundable. We will do our best to arrange for makeup class should the student need to miss it.

My child is younger/older than the required age. May they join the class?

We allow younger or older students in the classes on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us so that we may advise you better. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. contact us via other means

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