Quick Class Details

  • For 5 - 7 year-olds.
  • Student-teacher ratio capped at 8:1.
  • Tablets, robots and materials provided

What is KinderCoders?

In KinderCoders, young children learn about technology, code and robots through play. Children learn with age-appropriate tools and unplugged activities. The pedagogy emphasises interactive learning with the teacher and peers, and screen time is capped for the well-being of the child. Parents are welcome in the last 30 mins of bootcamp as students present their creations!

What students learn in KinderCoders

  • What coding is
  • Working with robots
  • Creating their own game with code
  • Creating their own robot adventure



My child loves the bootcamp! What happens next?

Learn and grow even more at our Early Creators Core Curriculum weekly classes! Core Curriculum learners advance via in-depth lessons lead by experienced teachers in small, initimate learning groups, paced at the your child's learning capacity. Classes capped at six students to a teacher. More about the Early Creators Core Curriculum here.


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